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Prof. Grace Umezurike Becomes Ebonyi State’s First Female SSG

In a landmark achievement, Governor Francis Nwifuru of Ebonyi State has bestowed the prestigious position of Secretary to the State Government (SSG) upon Prof. Grace Umezurike, marking a momentous milestone as she becomes the first woman to hold this esteemed role in the history of the state.

The governor’s Chief Press Secretary, Dr. Monday Uzor, unveiled this groundbreaking appointment in a statement released on Friday night, capturing the attention of the media and the public at large.

With immediate effect, Prof. Grace Umezurike assumes the responsibilities of the SSG, symbolizing a remarkable advancement in gender inclusivity and recognizing the invaluable contributions of women in governance.

In a notable declaration, Dr. Uzor confirmed, “She will take the oath of office on Tuesday, June 13, 2023, in the executive council chambers of the government house, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.” This momentous occasion will witness Prof. Umezurike officially assuming her new role and embarking on a transformative journey.

This groundbreaking appointment resonates beyond the borders of Ebonyi State, serving as an inspiration for women across the nation, showcasing the immense strides being made in breaking gender barriers and fostering an environment of equality in leadership positions.

As Prof. Grace Umezurike assumes her duties, she carries with her a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a deep commitment to serving the people of Ebonyi State. Her appointment sets a powerful precedent and signals the state’s unwavering dedication to embracing diversity and fostering an environment of equal opportunities.

With Prof. Umezurike at the helm as the first female SSG, Ebonyi State enters a new era of progressive leadership, exemplifying the state’s commitment to inclusivity and empowering women to play pivotal roles in shaping the future of governance.



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