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Odunwa, Onah Emerge Speaker and Deputy of Ebonyi 7th Assembly

Hon Moses Odunwa, a representative of Ikwo South State Constituency, has emerged the Speaker in the Ebonyi 7th Assembly.

A seasoned lawmaker with an impressive track record, Mr Odunwa has served two consecutive terms, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to public service and his constituents.

The nomination for Speaker was put forth by Hon Nkemka Okoro Onuma, the esteemed member representing Afikpo South State Constituency. Hon Abiri Godwin Abiri, a representative of Izzi West Constituency, seconded the nomination, showcasing the overwhelming support and confidence placed in Mr Odunwa’s leadership abilities.

During the nomination process, no other candidates were put forward as the Clerk called for further nominations, solidifying Mr Odunwa’s unanimous selection for the prestigious position of Speaker.

Upon being sworn in by the Clerk, Mr Odunwa was proudly adorned with the symbols of his office by the Sergeant at Arms, signifying the official assumption of his duties and responsibilities.

Additionally, Hon Chinedu Onah, a respected representative of Ohaukwu South State Constituency, was elected as the Deputy Speaker. The nomination for this crucial role was made by Hon Ogba Celestine, representing Onicha East State Constituency, and was seconded by Hon Friday Ogbuewu, the representative of Ezza South State Constituency.

In a significant prelude to these events, the State Governor, Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru, who previously held the esteemed position of Speaker in the 5th and 6th Assemblies, graciously inaugurated the 7th Assembly. This marked the beginning of the election process for the assembly’s principal officers, culminating in the historic appointments of Hon Moses Odunwa as Speaker and Hon Chinedu Onah as Deputy Speaker.



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