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NITP Urges Revival of Town Planning Authorities for Sustainable Development in Ebonyi

The Ebonyi State chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners (NITP)  has issued a call to the state government, urging them to revitalize town planning authorities, a measure previously approved by former Governor David Umahi.

The NITP chapter emphasized the importance of partnering with town planning professionals to achieve the state government’s objectives of creating a well-designed, aesthetically pleasing, and liveable environment for its residents.

During a visit to the office of the Commissioner for Lands and Survey, Dr. Matthew Nwobasi, the Chairman of Ebonyi NITP, Uchenna Nwafor, expressed his belief that such an initiative would promote balanced development across both urban and rural areas. The aim is to curb the influx of migration to cities and to effectively implement physical planning laws and regulations throughout the state.

Mr. Nwafor conveyed that the institute came to acquaint themselves with the ministry and to discuss strategies for reviving town planning authorities within the state.

Another member of the NITP, Joseph Igweogu, added his contribution, noting that in a normal setting, the ministry should stand on three pillars: lands, survey, and town planning. He expressed concerns that the town planning aspect of the ministry is not adequately constituted and pointed out the absence of town planning authorities in the state’s 13 local councils.

He revealed that there used to be 16 town planners within the ministry, but that number has dwindled to merely three. Igweogu cautioned that without prompt action, the profession might face extinction in the near future. He appealed to the state government to employ more town planners who can actively participate in town-planning decisions, thus ensuring the profession’s continuity and effectiveness.

The revival of town planning authorities in Ebonyi State holds the promise of a sustainable and well-organized development, fostering a harmonious balance between urban and rural areas. By heeding the NITP’s call and engaging qualified professionals, the state government can take significant strides towards building a prosperous and future-ready environment for its citizens.



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