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Man Arrested for Allegedly Defrauding Seminary College in Ebonyi State

The Ebonyi State Police Command has successfully apprehended Benjamin Ufoh, a 31-year-old man accused of defrauding St. Augustine Seminary College in Ezzamgbo, Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, of a substantial sum amounting to N425,000.

Following a petition filed by the college’s solicitor, Sampson Ekigbo, to the state Commissioner of Police, Ufoh was taken into custody by the esteemed Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) unit, known for their swift action and expertise in handling complex cases.

According to the petition, Ufoh allegedly approached the Rector of the college in November 2022, deceitfully posing as a staff member of a renowned health company. However, investigations revealed that Ufoh was, in fact, a salesman employed by a marketing company with branches in Abuja and Lagos.

Under the pretense of being a representative of the health company, Ufoh convinced the unsuspecting Rector that he could supply the college with cushion massaging machines. Convinced by his presentation, the college agreed to pay a substantial sum of N425,000.00 for the procurement of these machines.

To the dismay of the college, Ufoh disappeared after the transaction, failing to deliver the promised machines or maintain communication. In a desperate attempt to rectify the situation, the college sent a letter to the company in May 2023, only to receive no response. Consequently, the college finds itself perplexed and aggrieved as Ufoh has absconded with their hard-earned money.

Recognizing the severity of the situation and the potential threat Ufoh poses to other innocent Nigerian citizens, the college’s lawyer urgently pleaded with the Commissioner of Police to take decisive action. The lawyer emphasized the importance of apprehending and prosecuting Ufoh, thereby safeguarding the public from falling victim to his fraudulent activities.

As of now, the police command is actively working on the arrangements for the suspect’s arraignment. Our reporter attempted to obtain a statement from Ufoh but was unsuccessful, as he is currently being held at the SWAT office in preparation for his court appearance. This arrest represents a significant step towards justice for the defrauded college and sends a clear message that fraudulent activities will not go unpunished in Ebonyi State.



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