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Kidnapped Cleric Rescued in Ebonyi; One Suspect Killed, Two Arrested

On Sunday, authorities in Ebonyi State reported the successful rescue of a kidnap victim and the elimination of one kidnapping suspect. The state police spokesperson, Onome Onovwakpoyeya, revealed in a statement from Abakaliki that two additional suspects were apprehended, and three firearms were confiscated.

Following a distress call on Sunday about a kidnapped clergy member, the state’s Police Commissioner, Faleye Olaleye, coordinated the efforts of police tactical units and a divisional police officer to carry out a rescue mission. The operation involved cordoning off a designated area. Nigeria’s secret police, the SSS, assisted in determining the victim’s location.

According to the statement, the kidnappers were confronted near Ndofia Ishieke and Edupfu Egbu Ishieke in the Ebonyi Local Government Area. The suspects abandoned the victim and engaged in a firefight with the police in an attempt to flee. The police’s superior firepower led to the death of one suspect and the arrest of two others, stated Onovwakpoyeya, a police superintendent.

The police spokesperson also disclosed that two AK-47 rifles, one other firearm, and two vehicles – one belonging to the victim – were recovered during the operation. Authorities have issued a warning to criminals in the state, urging them to either surrender or leave the area.



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