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Gunmen Launch Brazen Attack on Ebonyi Communities

In a disturbing turn of events, armed assailants unleashed a violent assault on the peaceful Mgbom N’Achara Autonomous Community in Okposi, Ohaozara Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. Reports indicate that the attackers specifically targeted the community’s President General, Reverend Johnson Odii, but narrowly missed their intended victim, instead setting ablaze two vehicles belonging to him at his Okposi Achara residence.

Adding to the night of chaos, another incident occurred nearby in the neighboring Uburu community, where miscreants burned a Sienna bus. The timing of these episodes, both transpiring at approximately 10 PM last Thursday, has left the local populace on edge. Tragically, a local transport manager in the area suffered a gunshot wound during the events.

Ebonyi State Command’s Police Public Relations Officer, Onome Onovewakpoyeya, has confirmed the distressing incident, assuring the public that an investigation is already underway to bring the culprits to justice. “The command is aware of the attack, and we are fully committed to apprehending the fleeing suspects,” Onovewakpoyeya stated. She further revealed that in addition to the targeted vehicles, a Sienna car and two others were engulfed in flames during the rampage, while a passer-by sustained a shoulder injury and is presently receiving medical treatment.

Community sources have divulged that the presence of security operatives from various agencies in and around Okposi’s urban center, known as the Court Area, was conspicuous following the attack. However, despite these efforts to restore a sense of safety, fear has gripped the community, prompting many residents to abandon their homes for the time being.

Expressing their concerns, one community member emphasized the audacity of the assailants who indiscriminately fired bullets at the residence of Reverend Johnson Odii, a revered retired district superintendent of the Assemblies of God Church and the President General of Mgbom N’Achara Development Union. The attackers left destruction in their wake, reducing two cars to ashes.

This latest assault marks the second in a span of just two months, following the brutal murder and incineration of Achara Ward’s councillor, Ogbonnaya Ugwu (popularly known as Spaco), on March 11 in the Court Area of Okposi. Prior to that horrific incident, Ogbonna Educa, a well-known bread seller, met a tragic end on February 23, 2023, in the same vicinity. The list of victims goes on, with Joseph Nwanja (also known as Ogonogo Mgbom), a dedicated community vigilante operative, falling prey to gunmen on October 30, 2022. Meanwhile, on January 11, 2023, community leader and legal practitioner Ogbonnaya Sunday narrowly escaped with his life when assailants attacked his home in Obiegu Mgbom, although they did succeed in burning his car and his wife’s motorbike.

As investigations proceed, the people of Mgbom N’Achara remain in a state of unease, grappling with the aftermath of these alarming incidents that have shaken their once tranquil community to its core.



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