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Governor Nwifuru Vows to Transform Education Sector in Ebonyi State

Governor Francis Nwifuru of Ebonyi State has affirmed his administration’s determination to overhaul the education sector, signaling a renewed focus on providing quality education for the state. The Governor’s resolute pledge came during a civic reception organized in his honor by his Alegu Eze extended family on Sunday, where he addressed his relatives and shared his vision for the future.

Emphasizing the pivotal role of education, Governor Nwifuru declared, “Education stands at the core of our mission, and we are steadfast in our belief that it will not take a backseat. We will lead the charge to restore it to its former glory and elevate our public schools to surpass even the standards set by private schools.” He expressed his determination to ensure that, by the end of his administration, public schools would surpass their private counterparts in quality.

The Governor went on to state, “Upon the conclusion of our tenure, we will assess both public and private schools and ascertain which provides a superior education. By then, even my children will be enrolled in public schools.” His unwavering commitment to educational reform underscores his dedication to fulfilling campaign promises and propelling the education sector to new heights.

Governor Nwifuru expressed gratitude to his family members for the warm reception they bestowed upon him, acknowledging their unwavering support throughout his political journey. He emphasized the importance of their continued prayers, calling upon them to seek divine guidance, protection, and good health for both himself and his family as they navigate the challenges of leading the state towards progress.

In recognition of his accomplishments and contributions to the state, the Alegu Eze extended family conferred upon Governor Nwifuru the esteemed Chieftaincy title of “Enyanwu awaru oha 1 of Ebonyi State,” further highlighting the profound impact of his leadership.

Governor Nwifuru concluded his address by extending heartfelt appreciation to the people of Opherekpe for their unwavering solidarity and support throughout the Governorship election and beyond. With his renewed commitment to transforming the education sector and the continued backing of his family and constituents, Governor Nwifuru’s administration is poised to usher in a new era of progress and prosperity in Ebonyi State.



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