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Governor Nwifuru Stands Firm: Refuses to be Rushed into Cabinet Formation by Group

Governor Nwifuru Asserts Control over Cabinet Formation Amidst Pressure from Diaspora Group

Francis Nwifuru, the Governor of Ebonyi State, has emphasized that he will not be coerced by an anonymous group into hasty decision-making regarding the formation of his cabinet. The Association of Ebonyi Indigenes Socio-Cultural in the Diaspora, led by President Pascal Oluchukwu, had called on the governor to assume full responsibility for his administration or step down from his position.

Governor Nwifuru, however, reaffirmed his authority over the state’s governance, stating that he will take the necessary time to carefully select professionals to fill the vacant political positions. In a statement issued by the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Monday Uzor, on Tuesday, it was emphasized that the group’s demands do not reflect the strength or weakness of the new administration.

According to Uzor, “The Governor is diligently assembling professionals from various fields to assist him in implementing his policies and programs, and he will not be hurried by an unidentified group that consistently opposes every administration in Ebonyi State to rush into appointments that only favor a specific group.”

The statement further clarified that the appointment of principal officers, as alleged by the group, does not determine the efficacy of Governor Nwifuru’s administration. The governor urged the people of Ebonyi State to continue supporting his administration, emphasizing that he has made concerted efforts to bring experienced and capable individuals on board for effective governance, without succumbing to the whims of opposition elements disguising themselves as representatives of the group.

Governor Nwifuru firmly declared that no clandestine group or individual can sow discord between himself and his predecessor, David Umahi, and he called on those propagating such divisions to cease their actions.

The governor’s response highlights his commitment to a meticulous and thorough process of selecting qualified individuals who will contribute to the progress and development of Ebonyi State. His stance against succumbing to external pressure demonstrates a dedication to upholding the principles of meritocracy and ensuring that his administration comprises capable hands.

As the formation of the cabinet progresses, the people of Ebonyi State eagerly await the announcement of the governor’s chosen professionals, who will play vital roles in steering the state towards prosperity.



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