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Governor Nwifuru Assumes Office in Ebonyi State Amidst Calls for Improved Standard of Living

Governor Francis Nwifuru assumed leadership of Ebonyi State on May 29th, 2023, amidst the continued aspirations of the people for an enhanced quality of life. These sentiments were expressed by Ebonyi residents across various strata during interviews with journalists in Abakaliki.

Chibueze Nwigwe, a prominent business tycoon based in Lagos and native of Ebonyi, conveyed his confidence in the newly inaugurated Governor, Hon. Francis Nwifuru, to revolutionize the state’s economic prospects and generate wealth for its inhabitants. Speaking to a group of enthusiastic Ebonyi youths during their recent visit, Nwigwe emphasized his belief that Governor Nwifuru, considering the preexisting infrastructure development, possesses the means to effectively exploit the state’s prosperity for the benefit of the masses, particularly the youth.

“The focal point of Governor Nwifuru’s agenda will undoubtedly be the development of human capital, healthcare, education, and other critical areas,” Nwigwe asserted. “Under this administration, our youth will experience unprecedented empowerment. Governor Nwifuru, being a progressive leader and advocate for young people, will prioritize human capital development, empowering the youth and harnessing their talents. Thousands of Ebonyi youths will attain millionaire status during his tenure. As the youngest Governor in the state’s history, Governor Nwifuru’s appointments have been reflective of the youth constituency, setting a commendable precedent for inclusivity.”

Similarly, Barr. Stephen Nwankpa Emenike, Chairman of Izzi Local Government Area in Ebonyi State, urged the administration of Rt. Hon. Francis Nwifuru to restructure the Health and Education sectors for the betterment of Ebonyi residents. Barr. Emenike stressed the significance of these sectors in driving the state’s prosperity and emphasized the need to accord them due attention.

“When it comes to education, the quality of manpower is paramount, not merely grandiose buildings. The private sector has gained prominence in this realm, and education has become commoditized. Therefore, we must fortify our public institutions,” Barr. Emenike commented. “Healthcare costs are escalating, and I implore the Governor to address this issue. I have faith in Nwifuru’s ability to act, as he has already provided numerous scholarships, enabling thousands to access education.”

Barr. Emenike lauded the previous administration led by former Governor David Umahi for fostering investment opportunities and infrastructural development in Ebonyi State. He highlighted the state’s newfound openness to investors, facilitated by Umahi’s initiatives, such as the establishment of a state-of-the-art airport, an ecumenical center, ring roads spanning eight local government areas, and the King David Medical Center and Shopping Mall. Barr. Emenike called upon Ebonyi people who have invested abroad to redirect their investments back home to Ebonyi State.



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