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Ebonyi PDP Criticizes LG Chairmen over Anniversary Celebration

The Ebonyi State branch of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has criticized the chairmen of the 13 local government areas in the state for marking their “one-year” tenure, arguing that there’s nothing worth celebrating. The party’s spokesperson, Chika Nwoba, expressed this sentiment during a press conference in Abakaliki.

Nwoba contended that none of the local government leaders had executed any significant projects in their respective areas despite receiving substantial monthly funds from the Federation Accounts Allocation Committee. “These local government chairmen know they’re in positions they shouldn’t be holding according to the law. The people of Ebonyi are watching, and they will soon have to account for their actions and the funds they claim to have spent,” he said.

He further accused the chairmen of misappropriating N2 billion in ecological funds, alleging that the money was used to influence judges at the Ebonyi Governorship Elections Petition Tribunal in Abuja. “What have they accomplished to celebrate? Where are the tangible results for the large monthly allocations they’ve received? They should be ashamed, especially considering they were removed by the court,” Nwoba added.

Nwoba concluded by saying, “I’m still waiting for them to refute my claims about the N2 billion ecological fund. They thought they could use this money to protect their boss, the governor, but they won’t succeed. We’re keeping an eye on them.”



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