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Ebonyi MC Initiates ‘Entertain-a-thon’ in Ebonyi State, Aims to Set Guinness World Record with 130-Hour Entertainment Marathon

Nwota Chukwuemeka Walter, a talented MC and entertainer from Nigeria, has embarked on an audacious endeavour to set a Guinness World Record by anchoring different events and activities for an astounding 130 hours. The ambitious entertainment marathon, named “Entertain-a-thon,” kicked off on July 18th and is set to conclude on July 23rd, 2023, at the vibrant Citihub in Abakaliki, the capital of Ebonyi State.

Announcing the extraordinary feat on Facebook, the spirited MC called upon all the people of Ebonyi State, regardless of their political affiliations, to rally behind him in support of this historic venture. His vision is not only to make himself proud but also to put Ebonyi on the global map as a hub for remarkable achievements.

MC Walter made it clear that the event is meant to be an inclusive celebration, emphasizing that there will be no gate fee for attendees to access the venue. He urged the entire community to join him at Citihub Abakaliki from 8 a.m. on Tuesday, highlighting that the extravaganza is purely an expression of pride for his state and not influenced by politics.

Speaking passionately about the Entertain-a-thon, the Ebonyi-born entertainer shared, “It is 5 days, 10 hours of non-stop entertainment. This is an opportunity for me to stand and entertain the whole world. I will be anchoring various activities such as games, events, dedications, birthdays, traditional marriages, and, of course, cracking jokes.”

The remarkable event promises to be 130 hours of non-stop fun and excitement, and MC Walter’s friends, followers, and supporters are eagerly awaiting an extravaganza of entertainment. Nigerians can expect a captivating showcase of talent and a celebration of their vibrant culture during this record-breaking attempt.

MC Walter now joins the league of inspiring Nigerians striving to etch their names in the Guinness World Records. This includes the recent success of Nigerian chef Hilda Balci, who earned the record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual, with an astonishing time of 93 hours and 11 minutes.

As the countdown to the grand finale continues, the air in Ebonyi State is filled with anticipation and excitement for this unprecedented achievement. With the entire community rallying behind MC Walter, the stage is set for a truly extraordinary entertainment marathon that is poised to leave a lasting mark on Nigeria’s rich cultural tapestry.



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