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Ebonyi Govt Initiates Airport Runway Upgrade to International Standards

The Ebonyi State Government, under the leadership of Governor Francis Nwifuru, has commenced the upgrade of the Chuba Okadigbo Airport runway to international standards. The State’s Aviation and Technology Commissioner, Mrs. Ngozi Obichukwu, revealed that foreign experts have been contracted to work on the runway enhancements.

Obichukwu explained that the transformation from a concrete to a standard asphalt runway aims to facilitate the operations of international airlines and streamline air traffic at the facility. She assured international carriers and passengers of secure and safe landings, stating, “Governor Francis Nwifuru promptly engaged specialists proficient in runway construction to explore ways to elevate the runway to meet global benchmarks. The foreign experts are already on-site, diligently working to ensure the runway conforms to international standards.”

She also mentioned that United Nigeria Airways had landed at the airport and recommended the upgrade from concrete to standard asphalt. “Governor Francis Nwifuru is in talks with China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) and CDC construction firms to guarantee the runway meets international criteria,” she added.

Furthermore, Obichukwu noted, “The Chuba Okadigbo Airport poses a competitive challenge to other airports in the Southeast region and thus warrants an upgrade.”



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