Why Ebonyi AA gov candidate worked against PDP


The governorship candidate of the Action Alliance for the 2023 general elections in Ebonyi State, Engr Chukwuma Nwadugo, has said he seriously and obviously worked for the victory of the Labour Party and its governorship candidate, Edward Nkwegu, as against then Peoples Democratic Party’s Engr David Umahi, in the 2015.

He noted that he worked against the PDP because of his deep loyalty, love and respect for a former governor of the state, Chief Martin Elechi.

According to him, Elechi saw ahead and knew what residents of the state needed in 2015 to save them from their current suffering.

Nwadugo said part of the reasons why the former governor vehemently rejected the PDP candidate then were happening in the state, presently.

The 2023 governorship hopeful stated this during an interview with The PUNCH, in Abakaliki, on Sunday.

He said, “I was all out because I wanted to correct an impression- an impression about a father telling his son what to do and the son will look at the father’s face and say, “No,” that he would do a different thing.

“I was in government at that moment, and of course which was the PDP. There was a very serious problem that came up just before the primaries; infact, during the nomination.

“My boss, the then Governor, Chief Martin Elechi, had a candidate in mind, that he was prepared to present to the party and to Ebonyi people for the election, as somebody himself as an old man had accessed, checked and watched both in character, performance and past antecedents.

“He believed that this was a man that if he took over from him, Ebonyi State will be great and even greater than when he held sway as governor. So when we saw that the PDP could not work with that and we saw that it was obvious that his deputy, then Umahi, was bent on doing his own bidding against that of his boss (Elechi).

“It was at this point that we said No , that this old man must not suffer this type of shame and that after all the selfless work he had done for the state from when he became governor till 2015, (that’s after eight years) and someone will now arm-twist him and ensure that a different candidate, which is not his own choice is planted against his wish.

“When I sensed and saw what was playing out, for the purpose of loyalty for my boss, Chief Martin Elechi, and because I have seen that my boss had the best of intentions for the state, I decided and said this would not happen and that I would march that very development with action.

“And then consequently, I seriously supported the Labour Party as against the PDP to enable emerge and form the government. And I was aware that the person I was supporting was also the person my boss, Elechi, was supporting.

“And so, there was need for me to constantly give support to my boss and this was for the single fact that I saw reason in the direction he (my boss) was going politically. That was why I did what I did and I did it intentionally and personally. I have no regret about it, even till tomorrow. I needed to show that the right thing was done and that was why my boss, Chief Elechi, thought us.

“He used to tell us it’s not right until it’s right. And I knew it was not right for my boss to tell me this is the way and I will tell him straight in his face that it was not the way. It’s not our culture and it does not say anything good about us as a people.

“There was even a time the former governor, Chief Elechi wept and said Ebonyi people would regret the actions they were about to take in 2015, in future. The man saw ahead of time.”


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