Flooding displaces more than 50 households in Ebonyi


Over 50 families were forced to leave their homes when a flood devastated the Oferekpe community in the Ikwo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State last week.

The families were compelled to seek sanctuary in neighbouring settlements due to the flood brought on by the region’s relentless rainfall.
According to reports, Oferekpe’s flood calamity was made worse by the community’s proximity to the Oferekpe River, which runs between the neighbouring states of Ebonyi and Cross River.

The community has been abandoned, while the afflicted people request assistance from the government, organizations, and individuals.

Eye witnesses saw people paddling through the floodwater in canoes to collect what they needed for the day. Some people fashioned a canoe from wood logs. Others, unable to afford the cost, chose to walk into the water rather than pay to be transported by boat.
While describing the situation as terrible, community leaders and the affected residents pleaded with the state government to help them by dredging the Oferekpe River to stop another surge.

One of the leaders of Oferekpe, Joseph Eworo, voiced concern about the situation. He noted that the predicament had put them through extreme hardship. The village had suffered flooding in the past, but not to this extent, according to Mr. Eworo. He claimed that numerous homes were underwater. Mr. Eworo demanded that the appropriate government agencies act right now to alleviate the citizens’ suffering.

Stanley Ojikwa, a different community leader, claimed that the two afflicted villages, Akpoha and Ebora, had been abandoned as a result of extreme floods that had destroyed numerous homes. The situation, he said, was worsened by the surge of the Oferekpe River. He said strange snakes had been attacking those who made efforts to return to their houses.

A youth in the community, Juaz Idoko, said the situation has forced them out of their farms. According to him, the farmers have to either swim or use canoes to access their farms to harvest some of their farms’ produce like yam, potatoes and cassava for sustenance.

“Since this flood started, we have not had our normal lives back. Most of us have been wearing the same clothes for about a week now because others had been washed away by flood. We even find it difficult to move out because we don’t want hunger to kill us. We need the assistance of the Ebonyi State Government and other well-meaning individuals because this suffering is too much for us. This (pointing to the river) Oferekpe River needs attention,” he said.


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