Ebonyi: NNPP Guber Candidate, Adol-Awam Urges EFCC to go After Fraudulent Politicians


Prophet Chris Adol-Awam, the New Nigeria Peoples Party’s (NNPP) candidate for governor in Ebonyi State, has tasked the Economic financial crime commission, EFCC, to go politicians who have embezzled public funds.

Speaking to reporters in Abakaliki, Adol-Awam, the general overseer of the Eternal Light Christian World Church, lamented the extent to which Nigerian politicians steal funds intended for the general populace, emphasizing that politicians are the problem Nigerians are facing.

Adol-Awam said that poverty is widespread in Ebonyi and attributed the problem to previous State leaders who, in his opinion, allowed the people to be physically and spiritually imprisoned.

He noted that: “Our people have been caged and no matter how much you give to someone that is caged, he or she will still be poor. Because something is drying in his pocket.

“We are going to restructure the minds of the people. I believe that everything is possible as far as you have God. We will restructure the minds of our people, so that they can believe in their capabilities.

“The problem we have are the politicians; the EFCC has to do the needful; though the EFCC needs to be restructured because they have put fears in the minds of investors too. No one wants to invest in Nigeria again.”


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