Gunshots at secretariat by police, not members – Ebonyi PDP


The Peoples Democratic Party in Ebonyi State said the gunshots that were fired at its state secretariat on May 3, 2022, were not a result of any crisis.

The party, according to a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Mr. Nwoba Chika, added that contrary to insinuations in some quarters, the gunshots were fired by police and not members of the party.

Nwoba noted there was no crisis that erupted at the secretariat to warrant any shooting by members, as alleged.

He was reacting to Governor David Umahi’s threat of sealing the Secretariat.

The Governor, had, on Sunday, warned that if there was any further record of gunshot within the state PDP secretariat, henceforth, he would seal it off.

But Nwoba said, “Police only fired shots to the air when a deluge of party members involuntarily swooped on the ad hoc delegation that came to organise three-man delegates congress in the state.”

“Our party controls a better half of the Ebonyi population and it’s not out of place to have the retinue of heads rearing to catch glimpse of the faces of the party’s august guests.”

frowned at the threat coming from Umahi and charged him to “desist from slandering the PDP in the state out of envy of the successes the party has recorded within the little time frame he exited the fold.”

He added, “We are a law-abiding political movement that has always adopted decorum and rule of law in carrying out its activities.

“We, therefore, draw the attention of the security agencies in the state to this outlandish threat coming from a supposed refined leader.”


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