Why Umahi is sitting firmly as Governor of Ebonyi — State Govt


…PDP should avoid going to social media to tell lies against Ebonyi govt

The Commissioner for Information and State Orientation, Ebonyi State, Barr. Orji Uchenna Orji, Tuesday explained that Engr. David Nweze Umahi was sitting firmly as Governor of Ebonyi State, because “there is no judgement that can be given if it is not a judgement based on the law, rule of law or on the constitution and extant laws of the country.”

Governor David Umahi and his Deputy, Kelechi Igwe who were sacked by the Federal High Court, Abuja, have since filed an appeal challenging the ruling by Justice Inyang Ekwo on the matter revolving around their defection from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP to the All Progressives Congress, APC in the State.

Orji who stated this in Abakaliki expressed hope in the impartiality of the Judiciary to ensure that the right thing was done against all odds.

“Right now, we have a judgement in rem that is binding all parties within that lower Court, so we are waiting for the Court of Appeal to say one thing or the other. But we know that the Court of Appeal being a court that is saddled with the responsibility of dissecting decisions of the lower court will do justice in this matter because there is no judgement that can be given if it is not judgement based on the law, rule of law or a judgement based on the constitution and extant laws.

“So, that is why our Governor is sitting strongly as a Governor of Ebonyi State. We also have hope in the impartiality of the Judiciary as the last hope of a common man because in this case, some cabals are politicizing that judgement. So, we believe that the Court of Appeal and indeed the Supreme Court will restore that hope to the common man and God will take glory by the time this is done.”

He called on the opposition political party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to learn to play by the rules and avoid “going to social media to tell lies, unleash falsehood and fake news against the government of Ebonyi state and paint Ebonyi State as black before commity of States.”

“I will advise PDP to remember that democracy is all about playing by the rule; democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people and our Governor is the Governor of the people of Ebonyi State and the majority of the people of Ebonyi state are with the Governor.

“I will advise them to play by the rules, to give constructive criticism, to also develop programs and policies that will have to agree to that of our APC government for the people to listen to them and not by going to social media to tell lies, unleash falsehood and fake news against the government of Ebonyi state and paint Ebonyi State as black before comity of States.

“The kind of games they are playing is really an eye sore before common sense and sensibility before the people of Ebonyi state and Nigerians. A situation where a lawyer will go on social media to say that there is no government in Ebonyi state because of the judgement of the court of first instance.

“For us, the person is inviting crisis and he is trying to brainwash the people at home that might not know how the law operates, so I will advise them to know that Ebonyi State government under his Excellency, Engr. Chief David Umahi, has done fantastically well in ensuring that Ebonyi State is taken from a point of its criminal neglect, a time it had no voice, a time it had inferiority complex, a time it had no name, no trace at all, to a time where we are reference point in good governance.

“And so having said this, it is my advice to these enemies of progress, these people that don’t know how to play politics that there’s need to watch it. They should know that whatever they do now to destabilize this administration, posterity will never forget them, will never forgive them. The Governor has removed our cloth of inferiority complex and has shown us self-worth so that we can think of what we can achieve among the comity of states, so that we can also compete with our brothers and sisters across the nation.”

According to him: “That is the position of the law and as a law abiding citizen, especially our dear Governor who is very democratic, believes in the rule of law, the principles of separation of powers, we had to really exercise the right conferred to us by virtue of the ruling of the High Court and by virtue of the courts’ decision by applying for stay of execution, so that we can determine the veracity of this judgment at the court of Appeal.

“The Governor and his Deputy have appealed and by implication, the moment you file a notice of Appeal is as good as Stay of Execution. That is why, we are also surprised that this judgement is bringing about a lot of unwarranted politics, because how can the plaintiff that is PDP, begin to nominate, begin to go on social media and other media platforms to say that there is no government again as a result of the Federal High Court judgement.

“For us it is politics that must be watched by all democrats and all stakeholders of this country, because, in the case of Rivers State, even when the matter was against Gov. Wike at the Federal High Court, he went to Appeal Court and it was against him but heaven did not fall; the people did not celebrate to say that there is no Governor again in Rivers state.

“It was at the Supreme Court that Wike got his first and most favourable judgement in his favour. The judgement of the Supreme Court is the most real, it is an infallible decision even though they are fallible. And so, we are surprised, even in the case of Abia, where the incumbent Ikpeazu lost and at a point, INEC had to issue a Certificate of Return to the person that was said to have come first, that is Uche Ogar; that did not make Uche Ogar to begin to answer His Excellency, or to say that there was no government in Abia State.

“Eventually, the Governor stayed the execution without any problem and no heaven did fall. So for us I must say we are on the right course.”

“We are the flagship of excellence in terms of the governors’ models of governance he has introduced. I tell you this because nobody could ever believe that Ebonyi state of yesterday will become the state with the highest road network after Abuja and Lagos in Nigeria, we stand to be contradicted, and the figures are there.

“We never knew that Ebonyi state could introduce a road concept that no other government has attempted to do except the government of Governor Umahi, that is road construction with concrete pavement that has 50 years warranty and that is what the government has used to build virtually 90 percent of the road, both federal and state roads and even local roads, having up to 2000km done under this administration.

“I say this because nobody will ever know that Ebonyi state could construct a shopping mall that is said to be the biggest shopping mall ever built by a government in Africa, and it is called the microcosm of the macrocosm of the Dubai mall. That is the concept that was introduced by the Governor when he went to Dubai and saw how beautiful the shopping mall there is, he decided to replicate that here in Ebonyi state.

“Nobody will ever know that in Ebonyi state, we have an education system that is competing with the 10 best states in the whole federation. Nobody will ever imagine that under this administration as short as it is, the Governor will embark on the journey of constructing an International Airport that is fashioned after Lagos and Abuja; that we will be the best in the south east competing with Abuja and Lagos and helping to enhance our development programmes and have self-sufficiency amongst our people, mostly women.

“Most of whom will go into businesses and some would even go on to be importers and exporters and through this facility, you can be sure that we will gather people in different investments. Nobody ever knew that Ebonyi state could establish or construct one of the biggest and most beautiful universities of medical sciences ever.

“It is done by the local and skilled labour, all in Ebonyi state and all within the country. Nobody imagined that agricultural programs can make Ebonyi state in the commity of States in the federation to be a state that is largest producer of rice; nobody would have thought all of these things.

“Nobody would have thought that an Ebonyi Governor could lead the South East governor’s forum for complete eight good years, the first in history. Nobody would ever think that the Governor of Ebonyi state will compete favourably and go into national discourses about national issues and will have to make solid contributions that would be to the fascinations of the people of Nigeria.

“Nobody would ever think that Ebonyi state today would have a streets light system that goes for 24hrs non-stop, that is used to connect to the various streets in the metropolis inside the town close to 90 percent. Again, in the Local Government, you will see at least 20km street light that is non-stop. Nobody will ever imagine that, in this part of Africa, we have a light system that anytime it comes up from 6pm to 6am, you will see steady electricity.

“This is one of the greatest legacy that the Governor has given to us and I am able to say that this kind of Governor that we have is rare. It is rare in a 100 years to get such a person, and if you get such a person within 100 years, you need to maximally use his potential and his capabilities. This is why we are thinking that Nigeria should consider and give our Governor the opportunity to demonstrate to Nigerians that something good can still come out of this country.

“If he is President, I want to say that world leaders will ask what is happening in Nigeria, because I can tell you that he is going to enhance economic development through the fixing of the basic infrastructures. I am talking about power, talking about growth, talking about water, talking about creating ease of doing business, so that Nigerians can have all the comfort to do business in any place they might find themselves.

“All we need is a government that has a low tolerance for corruption and I can tell you that, if we can get all of these things right, we should be moving smoothly in Nigeria. The Governor is a man of performance, a man that has strong record of performance, a man that has zero tolerance for corruption, I can tell you that Nigeria will be great again.”


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