Presbyterian Church drags Ebonyi govt to court over revocation of hospital.


..Urges court to nullify  the order

The incorporated Trustees of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, has dragged the Ebonyi State Government to court challenging the revocation of its hospital property located in Uburu Ohaozara Local Government Area of the State .

The Trustees are challenging the revocation of its hospital established since 107 years ago by the Missionaries who came into the country.

When the matter came up at the Abakaliki High Court before Justice Ken Eze last weekend ,Counsel to the plaintiff Mr Uche S. Awa (SAN) made appearance while Lawyers for the defendants were not in court.

Invariably, the matter was adjourned for pre-trial to the 12th of May 2022 that is prelude to the hearing of the suit.

In an interview, counsel to the plaintiff Mr Uche. S. Awa, said that the church was challenging the revocation of the hospital at Uburu by the Ebonyi State Government.

“the matter is between the Incorporated Trustees of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria versus Ebonyi State Government ,we are in court to challenge the revocation, all we are doing is public thing.

“we are insisting that there is no legal plank upon which to revoke that hospital that we have ran for over 107 years ,that is the bone of contention.”

The Plaintiff Counsel emphasized that the Church leased the property from a particular family in Uburu and the Lease were  still subsisting stating “the Leases are in court ,there are all part of what we brought to the court.”

“It’s a family Land , we have been paying the family annual rent all through, the Documents are in court, the land is not a communal land but rather a family land.”

“the bone of contention is that our hospital  built by our fore bearers the Missionaries who came in about 107 years ago into this country to build that hospital at Uburu in Ohaozara Local Government Area.

“We have ran that hospital all the 107 years without any problem whatsoever, we deploy our money to run the hospital, suddenly the Governor decided to revoke it, are you revoking it for what,” he queried?

According to him, “revocation as far as we are concerned is a little moment, that is why we are challenging that revocation

Speaking against the backdrop of reasons given by the State Government for revoking the hospital the counsel stated “our problem is that from the papers filed by the government ,they  are  talking about dissatisfaction by the community in the way the hospital was being ran.


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