Don’t create zoning tension in Ebonyi, group warns


A group, the Ebonyi for Good Governance, has warned that the continuous emphasis on the zoning of the governorship in Ebonyi State can create political tension.

In a statement by its Coordinator, Kevin Oji, the group insisted that what should rather be the focus is the character of who becomes the next governor.

“Desperate political forces appear to be diverting attention, stoking the fire of zoning instead of focusing on the best to rule the state,” the group said.

According to the group, the zoning arrangement, if ever exists in Ebonyi, presupposes the presence of a charter of equity envisioned to ensure that every zone within the state is given the opportunity to take a shot at the state’s top job.

This, the group said, was an idea conceived based on fairness, equity, and justice, adding that the issue of zoning was never conclusive.

It said such an idea was conceived by the founding fathers but was not underpinned and ratified by any Charter of Equity duly agreed upon and certified by political leaders from all the three senatorial zones.


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