Umahi says IPOB inconsequential, not reason Buhari did not visit Ebonyi


Dave Umahi, the Ebonyi State Governor, has revealed the true reason behind the postponement of a scheduled visit of President Muhammadu Buhari to the state for peace talks.

Umahi made this clarification during a media briefing on Sunday in the wake of speculations that a spokesman of the IPOB stated that Buhari was not welcomed in the state.

As a result, the Governor said, “I saw where one misguided element that calls himself IPOB spokesman saying that Mr President is not welcomed in Ebonyi. He is inconsequential. I didn’t want to tell our people because I was urging them to keep pushing our projects as if the President was going to come this year. And I’m not sure up to three or four people knew this; so, I kept it to myself.

“I was in Paris and I told Mr President that the leaders of the South-East would want to visit him over the issue of peace in South-East and appeal to him to postpone the visit till early next year,” Umahi said during Ebonyi State Thanksgiving Service held at the new Government House Chapel, Abakaliki.

“So, Mr. President will come when we want him to come. That IPOB guy is inconsequential. If he is serious, let him hit the road in Ebonyi State and let him see, if he would find a feet to go back.

“Somebody will sit somewhere and be talking rubbish and they will be misguiding our children to go and be killed; but he will not be at the war front.

“Any of them that will talk rubbish about security in South-East should come and lead the war. And I will also lead the war for Ebonyi State. When they talk rubbish, just ignore them. This land belongs to God.”


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