President of Igbo Extraction: Umahi is best option for Nigeria — Ebonyi APC Chieftain


Worried by the economic and social debacle facing the country, Nigerians, weekend clamoured for a leader that will restore the glory of the nation.

According to them,  Nigeria needs a President of Igbo extraction, whose leadership quality would reengineer nation-building and national integration not minding tribe or party affiliation.

Addressing newsmen in Abakaliki, a technocrat and APC Chieftain, Barr. Mrs Chioma Jennifer Nweze stated that Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State seems to be the finest catch for the country’s number position, considering his achievements in various sectors of the economy.

Nweze said that in an era where governance has been turned to a mere looting spree, Governor Umahi has continued to break new grounds by churning out projects across the state, notwithstanding the State’s meagre resources.

She pointed out that the speed at which modern Abakaliki has sprung up is hard to conceptualize as the metropolis has suddenly become one of the nation’s grandest metropolises in just six into Umahi’s administration.

The APC Chieftain commended the Governor for playing the role of a timely interventionist, which according to her, was who the country needs at this point of its history.

“For Nigeria to leapfrog into the elite club of developed nations, which most Nigerians yearn for, Engr. David Umahi needs to emerge as the next president of the country.

“This is because, for a start, he will invest in all elements of the infrastructure component which will restore Nigeria as the giant of Africa and project it to the status of a developed nation. At a time the world looks on Nigeria for an expected shift from strong men to strong institutions, Governor Umahi seems to be the finest catch for the task.

In an era where governance has been downgraded to a mere looting spree, Governor David Nweze Umahi, of Ebonyi State has continued to break new grounds, churning out projects across the state. It seems his mission is to shatter myths.

“His approach to governance leaves nothing out of a world-class specialist. He has made governance such a simple matter that you begin to wonder how others have managed to make it seem such an arduous and unrewarding task.

“The speed at which modern Abakaliki has sprung up is hard to conceptualize. Abakaliki, formerly a sprawling metropolis has floated to an architectural marvel. The state now qualifies for a spot in the list of  Nigeria’s finest state capitals.

“Within the last four and half years, Abakaliki town has been meticulously engineered to become one of the nation’s grandest metropolises, and the fastest growing city in the South east region. Surely, Ebonyians who have not visited the state for so long should get ready to embrace a new reality upon their return.

“From a humble beginning as party chairman in 2009, Governor David Umahi has managed to steer his political parachute safely off the minefields of local politicking to figure prominently in the country’s triangular ethnic coalition politics, on the national stage.

“In 2018, Governor Umahi led the National Executive Council’s Technical Committee on tackling farmers/herders crisis and delivered creditably in this regard, and has also served various agencies of the federal government in various capacities in core sectors like agriculture and economy.

“From all studied indications, it appears Governor Umahi is destined for something even greater than his current gubernatorial assignment at the national level”.


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