Umahi will make a good president: Ebonyi commissioner


Chief Oluchukwu Ezeali, Ebonyi Commissioner for Projects, Monitoring and Evaluation said Gov. David Umahi’s achievements make him suitable for the country’s presidency in 2023.

Ezeali made the submission when he spoke with NAN on Friday in Abuja, saying that that the governor’s infrastructural strides are uncommon.

The commissioner said that Nigeria was faced with myriad challenges and that many leaders had shown their capabilities, particularly at the state level.

“Governors such as Umahi have grappled with these challenges and impacted positively on the peoples’ lives.

“Umahi has corrected the erroneously held notion in politics that governance was about emptying the coffers to stakeholders.

“The governor’s prudence in handling resources is responsible for the unbelievable feat he has achieved in Ebonyi.

“He has transformed the state from a relatively unknown destination into a destination of choice,’’ Ezeali said.

The commissioner explained that the governor turned the hitherto comatose state civil service into a beehive of activities and restored work ethics and professionalism in the ministries and parastatal agencies.

“The governor’s direct labour approach to project execution has optimised the skills of state’s human resources at the Ministry of Works and also improved the skills and competencies of the workforce.

“The state’s Ministry of Agriculture has been galvanised to ensure large-scale food production through its direct engagement and subsidy initiative.

“Most Ebonyi civil servants are proud entrepreneurs of successful agro-allied businesses, thereby enhancing food sufficiency of the state,’’ Ezeali said.

The commissioner also noted that Gov. Umahi’s anti-corruption stance had become a reference point as the government’s income and expenditure profiles were brought to the public domain regularly.

“Umahi is the type of president Nigeria needs to build on the legacies of the present administration and to make life better for Nigerians,’’ Ezeali stressed.


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