Umahi increases revenue generation of Ebonyi through infrastructural Development – Nwaze


The Special Assistant to Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State, Mr. Francis Nwaze, weekend stated that his boss was strategically increasing the State’s revenue generation capacity through infrastructural Development in different parts of the State.

Nwaze who stated this during a media chat with Newsmen in his office in Abakaliki added that Governor Umahi was looking beyond the now, to adequately reposition the State for future competitiveness in various aspect of the Nigerian economy.

According to him, “Umahi is planning for the future of Ebonyi State. His expectations are that as soon as all his infrastructural arrangements are on ground, the revenue generation capacity of the State will increase.

“There’s something so unique about the King David University of Medical sciences. The University is going to be the first University in entire Africa that will be producing Dialyzers. By the grace of God Ebonyi State will have patent in the arrangement. That means that any person or State or country that want to go into the e production of Dialyzers will come to Ebonyi State and make payment to be able to get the dialyszer.

“That place is a world class University. It is unique on its own. . It has the composition of the Universityl building, laboratories, theatres and so many characteraitic of a world class institution. There’s staff quarters and accommodation for students of all levels. The security of the place is guaranteed. They are working on having a-24 hour power supply. It’s a complete package of a World-class University.

“We have about 17 twin flyovers located strategically in different parts the State including rural areas. There’s a flyover that the Governor said that since some people say there nothing special about Ebonyi, he is going to put ‘construction confusion’ there; So that if you want to enter the Ebonyi State Shopping Mall and the Ecumenical Centre for the first time, you must ask question that will lead you through the flyover to the desired location. You cannot find that kind of flyover anywhere in the country. You will not see that kind of flyover anywhere in the country.

“It’s is unique and smart. It makes Ebonyi a smart city. There Iyere flyover in Afikpo South. When completed, will be saving about 50 lives per annum because of the unfortunate incident that usually occur there before the emegence of the flyover. People usually die there because of the sharpness of the bridge.

“As I speak to you, Umahi has constructed about 500 different roads that have been constructed including rural roads. Local Governments in Ebonyi has a minimum of 20km roads already constructed. That’s why in Ebonyi, it easier to connect to other LGAs within 45 minutes.

“Many people have said that how you know you have entered Ebonyi State is when your vehicle stop entering gallops on the road. Ebonyi State has moved from the dust of the nation to the true Salt of the Nation.

“The ring road project is one of the best projects that is ongoing in the State and it is made up of 199 kilometers. It wasn’t easy but because of whom Umahi is, it was possible. He was able to secure approval for the loan from the Federal Government and the sponsoring banks. When these roads will be completed, it is going to connect 8 LGAs in the State.

“At the completion, Ebonyi will become a different city entirely because the road connectivity will be superlative. The State is moving speedily. That people who long left the State for about two years always miss their way around the State. So the city is now being well planned that immediately You come into the Stat, you will see a city that is calm. A city that you can invest in and reap bountifully. A city that is the fastest growing State in the country.”


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