Umahi’s Inlaw Arrested, Paraded for Kidnapping


An inlaw to Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State, Chukwu Betherand, has been arrested and paraded as a kidnapper in Abuja.

According to the police, the alleged kidnappers made use of the Ebonyi State Governor’s lodge at highbrow Maitama area of the Federal Capital Territory, as a hideout where their kidnapped victims were kept.

The suspects who were arrested on February 6, 2021 by the police are: Frank Uzor, 26; Nweke Uche, 19; Chester Uzor, 25; Chukwu Betherand, 27; Chukwu Samuel 25, and Kelechi Ngene.

They were allegedly arrested at the point of collecting ransom from a relative of their victim. The FCT police operatives announced that they have succeeded in rescuing three of the victims of the alleged kidnap suspects.

The arrest and parade of Betherand popularly known as ‘Fish’ who is the younger brother to Ebonyi State first lady, Rachel Umahi, reportedly came as a rude shock to the Ebonyi first family as they are beyond devastated at the unfortunate news.


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