US election 2020: Live Update, Results as Trump battles Joe Biden


Attention is now on the United States of America, as contest between the incumbent President, Donald Trump and a former Vice President, Joe Biden hinges on what experts have described as a ‘gladiatorial’ battle.

While Donald Trump is seeking a re-election on the Republican platform, Biden is bearing the flag of the Democratic Party.

The US electoral process makes it possible that the candidate with the most votes from the public won’t be the winner.

This is because the President is not chosen directly by the voters, but what is known as the electoral college.

As at the time of filing this update, Joe Biden is leading the polls with 68,997,244 direct votes and 238 electoral college votes while Trump has 66,731,000 votes from the polls and 213 electoral college votes.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump in the national votes but the former emerged President through the electoral college votes.


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