August 30:Expect a world class airport- Southeast Governors


Both the contractor, who repairs the runway, and the representative of the Governors of the South-east at the airport rehabilitation site, confirmed to the press that everything is the same and pending no rainfall, the international airport of Dr. Akanu Ibiam Enugu was to reopen on August 30 for air lift operations.

The southeastern Governors then revealed that when it is taken over, the airport will be a smart airport that will be technologically operated to meet international best practices.

Project manager for PW Nigeria Limited, the company that is fixing the runway, Mahbub Khan told SEV that the company is working to achieve the goal of meeting up by 30 August; while chairman of the Southeastern Rehabilitation and Palliative Care Board for Akanu Ibiam Airport, Engr. Chris Okoye also said the date is possible.

Okoye told reporters that all stakeholders involved in the airport rehabilitation are working around the clock and are trying to meet the date.

“The only thing that can stop us is the rain. It is predicted that there will be flooding in the Southeast starting this week, I don’t really know, but we should all be praying for rainfall, because if there is no rainfall, we are sure. to deliver by August 30.

“As long as the contractors continue to work as they do now, including Sundays, the asphalt plant is working, the airport lighting is working, the runway lighting has started, so I think we are safe and that the terminal will operate as well.

So all in all, we hope we can surprise a lot of pessimistic people. There are quite a few things that we try to develop so that everything is geared towards technology, like tolls, taxis, workers; we don’t want to see people around this airport anymore, everything will be technology driven, Okoye revealed.

The various rehabilitation works that take place at the airport include road and drainage control, refurbishment of terminal buildings, construction of clinics and pilot lounges, control facilities, perimeter fencing and control facilities. sustainable water treatment, among others.

The federal government closed the airport on August 24, 2019 for airport rehabilitation, which pilots said gave them a hectic time during landing.

Subsequently, N10 billion was approved for works at the airport with a promise to use the airport for Christmas last year.

Unable to reach the Christmas date, the destination record for return flights was moved to April 2020 for the Easter celebrations, but it also failed, largely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, Furor has a few days to accomplish airport rehabilitation, while a landowner, JJ Emejulu, within the last week, demolished a part of the perimeter fence that had been put in place to secure it and other aeronautical equipment installed at the airport.

The demolition of Emejulu has alerted the Federal Government’s wrath of which the representative and Minister of Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika threatened to “maximally deal with Emejulu for trying to demolish a property of the federal government.”

The house of Emejulu has been demolished since it was found on a navigable road.


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