Umahi declares curfew in Ebonyi


Ebonyi State Governor, David Umahi, on Saturday night, imposed a curfew between 7pm and 7am daily in Ebonyi State.

Umahi, who made the declaration in a broadcast, said the curfew would commence on Sunday (yesterday).

He said, “I hereby direct a total lockdown of the entire state from 7a.m to 7p.m and anybody found outside within this period must be arrested and prosecuted. Only those offering essential services such as security agents, health workers, media workers, who must have pass, are exempted.

“We have agreed to have seven blockages in each border location. Each entry point of Ebonyi State will have seven blockages. The first one at the boundary between us and another state will be manned by the army and army alone. Nobody else will be there.

“Then, at a distance that will be agreed by the deputy governor and the security chiefs, the police will mount their own. Only the police will be there. We don’t want anybody else. Third point will be where the other service chiefs will contribute personnel and mount blockage.”

He added, “The fourth one will be the Neighborhood Watch. The fifth one will be Christian Association of Nigeria. The sixth one will be the royal highnesses and town union presidents and the seventh one will be the local government chairmen and the coordinators.”


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