‘Provide Adequate Testing Kits to Avert Spread of Coronavirus’- Ex-Minister of Health to Buhari


Aliuna Uchenna

The former minister of state for health, Engr. Fidelis Nwankwo, on Wednesday tasked Federal government led by President Mohammadu Buhari to be proactive in curtailing the spread of coronavirus, through providing adequate testing kits in strategic places in 36 states of the country.

Nwankwo made this known while interacting with Journalists shortly after the award of scholarship to over 66 indigent students from the 3 local government areas of Izzi clan, who are majorly medical doctors and other professional courses, studying in various tertiary institutions.

He stated that over 48 indigent students have graduated under his foundation, “Fidelis & Jane Nwankwo Educational Foundation”, stressing that the purpose is training doctors and other students in professional courses who will help in the tackling of the outbreak of endemic diseases.

“I and my family have educational foundation and we have embarked on award of scholarship to indigent students in tertiary institutions. This program started in 1999 till date. We have trained over 66 indigent students and 48 out of this number have graduated courtesy of our foundation.

“This year alone we have awarded 18 scholarships to students in various tertiary institutions. The beneficiaries are mostly brilliant indigent students from the 3 local government areas that made-up of Izzi clan.

“We expounded from the community to the 3 Local government areas that made-up of Izzi Clan. Today, 48 students have graduated, and this year alone we have given another scholarship award to 18 indigent students to run for their complete program in the university.

“I was inspired to give this scholarship award to indigent students, as a result of my quest to contribute to the educational development of youths. I believe that education is the bedrock of any society to grow. Our youths need education to grow and it is through education, that they can discover their talents at tertiary level.

“I encourage youths not to disperse education. They should make an honest living through honest hard work. They should reject cultism and other fraudulent businesses” he said.

Nwankwo who is also the former commissioner of INEC, however warned youths to reject fraudulent businesses, “Quick money doesn’t last. And any Money gotten through fraudulent means does not lead some one to permanent prosperity and you cannot be proud of such money. And so, shortcut is not the best way in becoming rich.

“There is no way education will take back sit in this nation because we are privileged to be where we are today as a result of education.
Both state and federal governments should be obliged to give best education to our youths, because that’s the only way we can develop the country.

“Medical Doctors are more in number in the scholarship and this may be as a result of their intelligence. In Nigeria, if you look at the Doctor ratio to citizens, you see it is very low yet there are exodus of our medical doctors to foreign lands in search of Jobs. The situation where doctors will be looking for jobs in Nigeria, even when we have not gotten a required number to satisfy the needs of citizens in hospitals is something very worrisome.

“We should do more to what we are doing to provide a good working environment to our medical doctors because health is wealth. He however tasked President Mohammadu Buhari led administration to quickly provide more kits in strategic places in the 36 states of the country.

“Nigeria has weaken up to the situation and the response to curtail the spread of coronavirus in the country is not too bad but then, government should be more proactive. There are actions that are coming too late. We observed that we see so much but we do a little.

“But now, there should be more testing kits in strategic places in the country. More education on preventative measures. We don’t wait for the difficult time to come before we start acting. Even when we take some actions, we need to be more scientific on what we are doing.

“Some people will postulate that coronavirus doesn’t survive because of high temperature and this is very uninformed opinion. It is not scientifically proved. People shouldn’t because of that and become complacent. Nigeria should give more scientific approach to this. We should work more on curtailment” he added.


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