Leadership crises tears South East Group for President (SEFORP2023) Apart


The crisis has rocked a pressure group in the southeast called, southeast For President 2023 (SEFORP2023) who claims the Nigerian President should be of the Igbo during the forthcoming general elections 2023, has been attributed to the failure of the leadership of the group’s national officials.

The group that emerged after the 2019 general election was founded by Reverend Okechukwu Obioha as the national coordinator.

The other founding members of the group are Ms. Nkoli Florence, Assistant National Coordinator based in the United States, Professor Agashi Nwogbaga, Professor of Mathematics and Data Science also based in the United States. United States, Dr. Sunny Okoro, Secretary of State for Advertising Collins Azu Ebonyi, and Ms. Adamma Dunu, female leader of the State of Ebonyi, and Ola Onuoha, Deputy State Coordinator.

But the group, which has more than 52 chapters worldwide, has been involved in a leadership crisis, with some chapters withdrawing.

In a statement issued after their emergency meeting in Abakaliki, some members of the Ebonyi section led by the deputy coordinator, Ms. Ola Onuoha, accused the group’s National Executive Council of not having provided a lasting solution to the crisis. to the group.

“After examining the current situation at SEFORP2023, in particular, because it affects the leadership of this great organization in general and in the chapter of the State of Ebonyi in particular, we resolve the following:

“The State underlines the incapacity of the National Exco to bring a lasting solution to the relationship of wickedness which led to the separation of many members to form another group and previously among the officials of the State Chapter. For the State, despite all the efforts made by the Deputy State Coordinator to achieve peace between the officers of the State Steering Committee and to periodically update the National Coordinator, the Reverend O C Obioha.

“The situation continued to polarize the chapter of Ebonyi State and hampered its awareness and mobilization efforts, undermined relations and spread.

“This failure of the leadership of the national officers has aggravated the crisis levels at the national and state levels without any real efforts at reconciliation, casting doubt on the ability of the national coordinator, the Reverend Obioha, to bring this great group to promise the land.

“The State Excos hereby decide to align our loyalty with the leadership of the new group, as competently led by the chief, Ms. Nkoli Mkparu.

<< The members hereby approve the vote of confidence on the leadership of Ms. Ola Onuoha, Deputy State Coordinator and her team, and subsequently request that they register urgently for the State Chapter Ebonyi as members of the news immediately, “the statement said.

The declaration was signed by Ms. Ola Onuoha, Deputy State Coordinator, Osita Ufere Williams, Secretary of State, Friday Oba, State Youth Leader, Hon Helen Emeka, Secretary of State for Completion

Cheif Mme Juliet Nwinyinya, Zonal Sur Ebonyi Coordinator, Chef Uka Irem, Zonal Secretary Sud Ebonyi, Chef Ndukwe Oko Ibiam – LGA Afikpo Sur Coordinator, Nnachi Okoro Oji

AFikpo South LGA Secretary, Nnenna Omaha Ohaozara LGA Coordinator, Mike Okah, Afikpo North LGA Coordinator, Chief Ekweije Ivo LGA Coordinator, Sandra Ogbagha

Ebonyi LGA Coordinator
But Obioha described the statement as of no consequence.

He said: “The Deputy State Coordinator, Ms. Ola Onuoha, came personally a few days ago and without any complaints other than the problems with her and Ms. Tina Ogboji, and in the presence of the National Secretary, Mr. Ogubuike O. Ibeagi went to the bank to order the state of Ebonyi to open a chapter account.

“It is unfortunate that she had to write and publish this. SEFORP2023 The Ebonyi State Chapter is alive. I just finished talking to one of the 10 member administrators of SEFORP2023 (registered) who is Ebonyian and lives in Ebonyi. He was not informed of this meeting and of this decision.

“There is no fighting. There is no bad feeling. We are all working towards a goal; Raise awareness and mobilize Nigerians to reflect on our vision and mission.

“No group can produce a Nigerian president of the SE zone.

Let them get to work without hard feelings and without hard feelings.

“Let brotherly love continue. Since SEFORP2023 invites groups with similar interests and research to our 2020 national conference in Enugu on April 30, 2020, we invite you to attend. First class Eze and a father ensured their presence, “he said.


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