Ebonyi govt. approves N3.9 billion for equipping of Uburu hospital


Aliuna Uchenna

Ebonyi state government at the weekend said it has approved a total of N3.9 billion for the equipping of a branch of the state own hospital situated at Uburu, hometown of the governor David Umahi and minister of science and technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu.

The approval of the said amount of money, was made known to newsmen in Abakaliki shortly after the state executive council meeting that took place at the old government house.

In a joint, state exco- briefing by the commissioners of Health, Dr. Daniel Umezuruike, Barr. Orji Uchenna for information and Mr. Obasi Ogbonaya for works and transport, said the purpose to equip the teaching hospital was to enable the state tackle the increasing endemic diseases in the country.

Recall that the plan to establish the Uburu hospital started in 1993 when the present minister of science and technology, Dr. Ogbonnay Onu was the then governor of Old Abia state.

But the governor, David Umahi inherited the project and turned the Uburu hospital into state Teaching hospital, and currently equipping it to have international outlook.

However, the State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Daniel Umezurike, during the briefing said the payment for the equipment of the hospital would be paid by instalment.

Umezurike said the state government was fully prepared to equip the teaching hospital to effectively serve the people.

He further explained that the approval would also be sent to the State House of Assembly for further approval, before any procurement would be made.

According to him: “The approvals today were three in number. One, is for the equipping of the theatre. It may interest to know that we have about 11 theatre suites, making up all the specialties of the surgical unit.

“The total proposal is N1.9bn and it is to supplied by the leading manufacturers in theatre equipment and general electric. The payment schedule is that 50 percent is to be paid before they commence production.

“The other department is the centre of excellence in maternal and child health where the total equipment needs is about N800m and 50 percent is also to be paid.

“The central sterilizing and supply department and physiotherapy and dental units were combined with a proposal of all the modern equipment of about N600m and 50 percent is also to be paid.

“Another interesting unit is the dialysis unit, which will come with a 12 units dialysis centre and it is to be supplied by the leading name in the Swizerland, and they will provide 12 dialysis units with two spare ones, making it about 14. The total cost is N1.15 euros (N600m) and 50 percent is also to be paid.

“Council approved all these proposals and also to be forwarded to the State House of Assembly for further approval; because His Excellency believes in due process” he stated.


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