Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Innoson introduces Made-in-Nigeria SUV

Nigeria’s first indigenous Vehicle Manufacturing Company, Innoson Motors, said it has released its long awaited luxurious IVM G80 and G40 SUVs.
It would be recalled that the chairman of Innoson Motors, Innocent Chukwuma, OFR, promised Nigerians that he would manufacture a ‘Made-in-Nigeria luxurious SUV’ that will be added to its range of vehicles to accommodate the high cadre of Nigerians.
According to Chukwuma, the date for the official launch of the new SUVs would be announced soon.
Other models of the Innoson Motors released are G20, a 7-seater Sedan and Innoson IVM Granite (a 5 seater double cabin Pick-Up) 2018 model.
He added that the IVM Granite comes in 3 variance which includes; 2WD, 2.7 Petrol; 4WD, 2.7 Petrol and 4WD 2.4 Diesel



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