Saturday, January 28, 2023
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APC Pledges Inclusive Govt in Ebonyi

EBONYI state governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Senator Soni Ogbuoji has pledged to run an all inclusive government if elected Governor next year.

He stated that one of the reasons for going into the race was to change the present style of governance in the state and create leadership driven administration.

Ogbuorji noted that his administration would involve the people while rendering corresponding services. Unfolding part of his manifesto to flag off his campaign, Senator Ogbuoji promised that his administration would liberate the people from what he alleged was a stranglehold of rulership in the state.

“This new norm has been sustained for the last three and half years. It is the culture and policy of exclusion of the people of the state from deciding their own fate, intentional impoverishment of the masses as state policy, emasculation of the organised labour and the sharing of state patronage.

“This pattern of ruler-ship rather than leadership is what prompted me to join the fray and say enough to this trend that is fast making our people poorer, scaring them into hiding, stuffing their mouths and forcing them to be manacled in intimidation while stealing away the resources they should live on for outsiders,” Ogbuoji said.

On the economic condition of the state, he itemized policy plans that would enable him take the state to the higher and more profitable economic standing, while urging the electorates of the state to vote out the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and give him the mandate to turn things around for the better.



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