Ebonyians Endorse Umahi for 2019


Ebonyians from different works of life have expressed faith in the continued leadership of Governor Dave Nweze Umahi come 2019 election.

Speaking to news correspondents within Abakaliki metropolis, the indigenes of the State lauded the remarkable administrative strides of Umahi noting that his unwavering commitment to human and infrastructural development within Ebonyi State is unparalleled.

Mrs Okorie Eze Udu, a trader at Abakpa main market, Abakaliki, noted that since the inception of the State, no other Governor has ever been so concerned about the welfare of petty traders within the State capital

“I do not know book, but I know when a Governor cares for his people. Dave Umahi is simply one of a kind. He is exceptional.

“I heard he was a business man before he joined politics so I think that could be the reason why he is so committed to ensuring that our interests are protected in all his projects.

“Initially, it was just the street lights that allowed our markets to sell even late into the night. Then the sanitation workers who would always ensure that we wake up to a fresh environment for our businesses. Did I forget to mention the meat market road that he tarred for us?

“That shows you that he cares for both the poor and the rich. In my opinion, Dave Umahi, is a God-sent to petty traders like myself in Ebonyi State.”

Another respondent, Mr. Agwu Paul, a secondary school teacher in Azugwu, Abakaliki, revealed that Governor Dave is undoubtedly the most performing Governor across the country. He pointed out that besides not owing a dine in salary, the Governor has carefully fulfilled all his initial campaign promises leading up to the 2015 General Election.

“Some promises can be quite hilarious, you know. I was one of those who laughed at Dave Umahi when he promised to build three flyover bridges during his first term in office. I saw it as a mere campaign promise meant to entice the people.

“Would you blame me? I mean, the country was gradually sinking deeper into recession and many Governors were struggling to even pay salaries and here was Dave, promising overhead bridges. So I laughed and told my friends that he was simply joking.

“Three years down the line, I have leant to be a believer. I will not let what happened to me before repeat itself. In 2015, I voted against Umahi because I feared his promises were unattainable. I nearly stood in the way of progress within Ebonyi State.

“Come 2019, I will vote wiser. I will vote for Dave Nweze Umahi. Not I alone but my family as well. Umahi has shown us that leadership can be very pragmatic. He is a living evidence of a clear translation of vision to reality” He said.

2019 is around the corner and striking uncertainties cloud the nation’s political climate. But in the minds of these Ebonyians, the Governorship race within Ebonyi State is a closed matter. To them, Governor Dave Nweze Umahi’s continuity in office is assured.


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