Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Ebonyi Junior Workers Applaud Governor Umahi


The union appreciated Governor Umahi for his commitment to workers’ welfare and pledged their maximum support to the reelection bid of the Umahi-led PDP government come 2019. This, they attributed to the prompt payment of workers’ salaries even before the arrival of federal allocation, payment of workers’ salaries on the 15th of every month, payment of 50% basic salary on the first week of January this year, payment of 13th month of workers’ salaries for three years in office and granting of 2billion Naira loan to be accessed By Ebonyi State workers’ and the approval of Agricultural loans for the Ebonyi State workers which has enabled them to embark on farming to boost food production in the state over the last three years to cushion the effects of the nation’s recession.



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